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About Suzanne Kemper

Suzanne graduated from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. Her final project was about homeless youth in the Netherlands; 'Ergens in het systeem.'


Four young homeless from Harderwijk, Apeldoorn en Amsterdam Suzanne has followed during her 2 year project. All wandering on the street, in shelters or on a couch of friends and family.
It takes time to  win their trust and to tell the story of their lives. Different organisations helped Suzanne to get in contact with these four individuals.

Besides following and photographing young homeless people she also researched numbers about young homeless people. And asked 300 town halls what kind of policy they have for young homeless people.

It was for Suzanne important to show the audience that young homeless people do not only wandering in big cities. But also in the countryside.

Quote final exam teacher and documentary photographer Mike Harris;


“Young homeless people. Not the easiest subject, I know from personal experience. You have come up with a surprising solution through trial and error, which is also in line with recent developments in journalistic documentary photography. This can only be achieved through genuine dedication to the subject. That inner necessity, which is characteristic of committed photography, is very clearly present in you.”

Suzanne takes her time to follow and photograph her projects. Often the projects are about vulnerable issues where trust, time and discretion play an important part.  By approaching the project by the way she does, Suzanne can better understand and empathise with the person or the project.  The camera gives her a manner to tell her the story,  but with investigation and time she comes to a story.




2021            Masterclass from Chris de Bode, documentary & portrait photographer 

2019            Masterclass Martin Hogeboom, commercial & portrait photographer

2013-2017  Fotoacademie Amsterdam


Stentor Veluwe

+31 6 30107121

Contact me for prints and assignments or cup of coffee ;-)

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